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What a load of rubbish

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Every day the people on this planet produce 5 billion tonnes of rubbish, and the majority of it goes into landfill or is left to rot and fester. This Hands On Special features some of the entrepreneurs who are recycling rubbish for a profit. In Dhaka, Bangladesh, one man has set up a daily rubbish collection system for his neighbourhood, and on the beaches of Montevideo in Uruguay there's a clean-up campaign which is turning waste into a financial opportunity, by recycling discarded soft drinks cans. In Cape Town over 4000 shipping containers, used to carry cargo, have found a new lease of life, after conversion into small shops, community centres and even schoolrooms. A Finnish entrepreneur has created a new material from waste products which can help keep top soil in place and so prevent erosion. Finally in Beijing, some of the 120,000 tonnes of plastic waste produced every year is being recycled to produce gasoline and diesel fuel.

Duration: 26 Minutes
Formats available : DVD