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BODY BURDEN 2015 - State of India's Health

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Quick Overview

CSE’s first Health Annual explores the connect between health and environment, in a way everybody can understand. It will be on the lines of our highly popular SOE (State of Environment) series.

The annual publication examines a specific theme related to health every year. The theme for Body Burden 2015 is environment and health.

At the core of the book is the critical link between health and environment. For example, how lack of sanitation contributes to malnutrition. The book will put diseases, both communicable and non-communicable, in context by explaining such links so that people can take charge of their health and environment.

The Body Burden 2015 will be equally useful to the layperson, health professionals, policy-makers, students as well as NGOs and researchers. It is divided into easy-to-read, comprehensive chapters backed by latest data on disease incidence and trends. It will also empower the reader with the knowledge of how to make our environment more conducive to well-being and how to negotiate with the authorities towards this end.

It is an annual publication that every citizen should have.