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Health and Environment

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  1. All We Expect Nutrition: A Basic Human Right

    Aimed at policy makers, development workers and the public, the film supports the efforts of the micronutrient initiative in helping to reach internationally agreed standards for nutrition. Putting an end to micronutrient deficiency in women and children, it suggests, requires an effort of both collective and individual responsibility. Duration: 24 Minutes Formats available : DVD
  2. Polio - The Last Word

    Every year 100,000 children around the world contract Polio, a disease that leaves them crippled for life. Once contracted, there is no cure. Because it mostly attacks children, it’s also known as infantile paralysis. But while polio cannot be cured it can be prevented. Duration: 45 Minutes Formats available : DVD
  3. A New Time Of Cholera

    There has always been cholera in the Bengali wetlands of Bangladesh. In 1993 floods brought cholera 0139, a robust new mutation. Nicknamed ‘Bengal’, it has now begun to spread beyond Bangladesh. As classical cholera has already circulated the world seven times since it was first identified, no one doubts that the new dominant cholera 0139 has now just begun its own fateful journey. Duration: 24 Minutes Formats available : DVD
  4. Conceiving The Future

    Why do people have so many babies? Will the numbers overwhelm us? Is a confrontation inevitable? The real message is clear: when population numbers outpace available resources (and access to them remains unequal), there can be no short cuts, no ‘silver bullet’ remedies to guarantee a stable future. Duration: 60 Minutes Formats available : DVD
  5. India Inhales

    The film explores the cynicism of the major global tobacco companies’ campaigns in India, and the work of the activists who have pledged to try to stop them - and halt the soaring increase in cancer cases in India that result from smoking. Duration: 25 Minutes Formats available : DVD
  6. Earth Report VI: Children of the New Millennium

    Ten years ago the UN warned “environmental degradation is killing children”. Today, while children make up only 12 per cent of the world’s population, they still suffer over half the burden of environmental diseases. This programme investigates, why? Duration: 26 Minutes Formats available : DVD
  7. Children Of Chernobyl

    This shocking documentary is one of the first to assess the full impact of the Chernobyl explosion on the families living in the contaminated region. As a result of damage to their immune systems, doctors witnessed a massive increase in recurrent infections in children, a state of affairs known locally as “Chernobyl aids”. Duration: 52 Minutes Formats available : DVD
  8. Life III: Patents and Patients

    Patents & Patients, explores the arguments over who owns the patents on the anti-retroviral drugs now known to prolong the lives and minimise the suffering of HIV sufferers the world over - where they can afford them. Duration: 26 Minutes Formats available : DVD
  9. Health and Environment (Special Package Price)

    Health and Environment (Special Package Price)
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9 Item(s)


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