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Schools and Environment

Schools and Environment

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  1. WATER PLUS: Is My School Water-Wise? A Do-it-yourself Manual

    If you have an Eco Club you must have this book. If you are aware of our GSP, then you must definitely have it. Part of GSP's new "Plus" series of books, Waterplus, among a host of new sections, contains one on sanitation and hygiene, focusing on the inherent link between these and the general health scenario in school. This Plus series book will provide you the final spurt of energy to execute your green school programme successfully.
  2. Is my school a junk-food-free zone? - A do-it-yourself manual

    Craving for junk food is a global epidemic. In India we need to be extra cautious as we also have the twin issues of under nutrition and overfeeding to contend with. What exactly is junk food? And why is it considered to be so harmful? This compact book will not only tell you quickly everything about the issues but also give you valuable tips to help you and your dear ones lead a healthier/happier life.
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