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Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

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  1. Facing the Sun

    Grid-connected solar power is a new and rapidly growing sector in India – from almost nil grid- connected solar power in 2009, the country will have 2.5 gigawatts (GW) by 2014, if all goes as per plan. It has already installed about 1.0 GW and the Union government plans to install 20 GW by 2022. But there is hardly any independent research on how grid-connected projects are being implemented. It was precisely for this reason that we at CSE decided to do a thorough research to understand what is working, and what is not, in grid-connected solar power. We are sure you will enjoy reading this analytical report, and understand in depth this sunrise sector.
  2. Going Remote

    India suffers from chronic energy poverty. Even after 65 years of independence, one-third of India's households have no access to grid power. More than a million households go dark after sunset. But India’s energy poverty also provides an opportunity to design a new energy future for the world. It could be the way to solves its twin problems of energy poverty and climate change, in one stroke. But what is the ground reality? Check it out yourself by ordering a copy – sure to give you some very useful ideas to implement at your own level.
  3. State of Renewable Energy in India: A Citizen’s Report

    This report looks at the current status of renewable energy in the country, as well as the issues that plague the sector. It also puts together the policy interventions in solar, wind, small hydro, biomass and waste-to-energy sectors.
  4. State of Renewable Energy in India 2019 State of Renewable Energy in India 2019

    State of Renewable Energy in India 2019

    In the five years since the publication of the first Citizen’s Report on the State of Renewable Energy, the renewable energy sector has made tremendous strides in the country. Riding on a favourable policy environment and dipping prices, capacity and generation have grown. But this success has thrown newer challenges. The second Citizen’s Report on the State of Renewable Energy takes a close look at where we stand now, what are the strengths and challenges facing the sector, and whether the sector can overcome these obstacles and emerge as a viable alternative to conventional energy sources. It offers an analysis which covers the key sub-sectors and the associated infrastructure — solar (large-scale, rooftop and manufacturing), wind, waste to energy, integration and transmission, energy access and distribution companies. And it offers a blueprint which could help the sector reach its 175-gigawatt goal seamlessly. The world stands at the cusp of a momentous shift in the energy sector. For the first time, decarbonised electricity appears feasible in the foreseeable future; it is not an abstract vision. The question that the second Citizen’s Report asks is: Can India grab this opportunity and chart a brave new world of 100 per cent renewable quickly and efficiently? Get your copy to know more.
  5. Rising to the Call: Good Practices of Climate Change Adaptation in India 

    Adaptation is necessary to manage the risks posed by climate change. Rising to the Call is a collection of stories from all over India about the nature of extreme weather events experienced, how communities are responding and successful adaptation practices emerging out of these experiences. It studies the impacts and replicability of the different approaches to adaptation and brings out valuable insights for developing countries in the region and beyond. Five regions are considered: The Indian Himalayan region, the Indo-Gangetic plain, the desert region, central and peninsular India, and coasts and islands. Case studies highlight crop diversification, payment for eco-system services, flood-proof housing, restoration of watersheds, protection of mangroves, groundwater management, weather forecasting and advisory services, flood-resistant rice, and more. This book is a first-of-its kind that looks at adaptation with an ear to the ground. It looks into why some actions worked, the challenges and enabling conditions.
    Pages : 172
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