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Pollution and Health

Pollution and Health

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  1. The Leapfrog Factor - Clearing the Air in Asian Cities

    Captures 10 years of action, impacts and learning to address the complex air pollution challenge in Asia. This book is a survival guide for Asian cities trying to steer their way out of the pollution haze.
  2. Body Burden - Health and Environment in India

    A degraded environment brings with it a set of health problems - some new and some, which have posed a challenge over the years. Presenting Body Burden, a compilation of reports from Down to Earth on the health impacts of environment pollution in India.
  3. MOBILITY CRISIS – Agenda for Action 2010

    This is CSE's latest book in its Right to Clean Air Campaign series. We have more roads and flyovers than ever before to address our transportation worries. But, unfortunately, roads in cities like Delhi are chock-a-block with bumper-to-bumper traffic, due to the huge ratio of cars as compared to buses. It is time to set new terms of action. Make the city more walkable. This book discusses in detail ways and means of dealing with pollution and congestion.
  4. Homicide by Pesticides

    A collection of articles on the threat posed to public health by pesticide residues and industrial toxins. From the economic costs of pollution to the health threats posed by the growing contamination of soil, air groundwater and river systems in India. It includes the author's own experience of his battle against a rare form of Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma and details various studies on the link between pesticide contamination and a host of diseases. It also describes how the unborn child can be affected by the exposure of either parent to pollution.
  5. Slow Murder

    Documents the deadly story of air pollution caused by vehicles. Vehicular pollution is no longer just an intangible threat in India - it contributes to a shocking 64 per cent of the total pollution in Delhi, 52 per cent in Mumbai and 30 per cent in Kolkata. In just seven years, the number of vehicles in India has shot up by 17 million and 48 per cent of these vehicles are in the three metros alone. Bad vehicular technology, poor fuel quality, poor vehicle maintenance, non-existent traffic planning and confused governance work together to discount public health.
  6. Food As Toxin

    “All substances are poisons; the right dose differentiates a poison and a remedy.” Modern food regulation is about determining what is that right dose in our daily diet. How is food safety defined? What are the global systems that regulate food safety? What does ‘Acceptable Daily Intake’ (ADI) mean? Why do we have to accept pesticides in our food? If you are also troubled with questions like these and some more, you are not alone. It concerns the health and well being of every family, and that's why we did a detailed in depth research and came out with this revealing new book, which will give you all the answers. Order it today.
  7. Good News & Bad News: Clearing the Air in Indian Cities

    This presents the evidence of change in Indian cities – however small they may seem today. This captures actual policy decision and action in cities for clean air, public transport, walking and cycling, intermediate public transport, and car restraint initiatives like parking and fiscal measures. The challenge now is to learn from these experiences and to upscale the practices so that we can have the great leapfrog – move from cars to no cars, from pollution to clean air.
  8. BODY BURDEN 2015 - State of India's Health

    CSE’s first Health Annual explores the connect between health and environment, in a way everybody can understand. It will be on the lines of our highly popular SOE (State of Environment) series. The annual publication examines a specific theme related to health every year. The theme for Body Burden 2015 is environment and health. At the core of the book is the critical link between health and environment. For example, how lack of sanitation contributes to malnutrition. The book will put diseases, both communicable and non-communicable, in context by explaining such links so that people can take charge of their health and environment. The Body Burden 2015 will be equally useful to the layperson, health professionals, policy-makers, students as well as NGOs and researchers. It is divided into easy-to-read, comprehensive chapters backed by latest data on disease incidence and trends. It will also empower the reader with the knowledge of how to make our environment more conducive to well-being and how to negotiate with the authorities towards this end. It is an annual publication that every citizen should have.
  9. Body Burden: Lifestyle Diseases Body Burden: Lifestyle Diseases

    Body Burden: Lifestyle Diseases

    Lifestyle diseases or non-communicable diseases (NCDs) are responsible for more than 61 per cent of all deaths in India.

    Whether it is heart diseases, respiratory illnesses, cancer, obesity or food allergies, emerging research reveals that the rise in their incidences is due to environmental factors—rapid urbanisation, air pollution and changes in diet—rather than your genes.

    These diseases result in huge economic losses. In 2015, this amounted to US$237 billion for India. Body Burden: Lifestyle Diseases, captures the finer points of what latest research and surveys have to offer and presents the views of subject specialists. More importantly, it details pathways that we need to adopt to reverse this trend, including what you as an individual can do to guard yourself against these diseases.
  10. Health and Food Books - Set of 4 books Health and Food Books - Set of 4 books

    Health and Food Books - Set of 4 books

    1. Body Burden: Lifestyle Diseases 2. First Food: Culture of Taste 3. Body Burden: State of India’s Health 4. First Food: A Taste of India’s Biodiversity * Offer valid only in India

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