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Pollution and Health

Pollution and Health

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  1. Body Burden - Health and Environment in India

    A degraded environment brings with it a set of health problems - some new and some, which have posed a challenge over the years. Presenting Body Burden, a compilation of reports from Down to Earth on the health impacts of environment pollution in India.
  2. MOBILITY CRISIS – Agenda for Action 2010

    This is CSE's latest book in its Right to Clean Air Campaign series. We have more roads and flyovers than ever before to address our transportation worries. But, unfortunately, roads in cities like Delhi are chock-a-block with bumper-to-bumper traffic, due to the huge ratio of cars as compared to buses. It is time to set new terms of action. Make the city more walkable. This book discusses in detail ways and means of dealing with pollution and congestion.
  3. Food As Toxin

    “All substances are poisons; the right dose differentiates a poison and a remedy.” Modern food regulation is about determining what is that right dose in our daily diet. How is food safety defined? What are the global systems that regulate food safety? What does ‘Acceptable Daily Intake’ (ADI) mean? Why do we have to accept pesticides in our food? If you are also troubled with questions like these and some more, you are not alone. It concerns the health and well being of every family, and that's why we did a detailed in depth research and came out with this revealing new book, which will give you all the answers. Order it today.
  4. FIRST FOOD: A Taste of India's Biodiversity FIRST FOOD: A Taste of India's Biodiversity

    FIRST FOOD: A Taste of India's Biodiversity

    This collection of around 100 recipes from different parts of the country brings to life the magic that takes place once biodiversity is combined with culinary dexterity.

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  5. Body Burden: Antibiotic Resistance – State of India’s Health Body Burden: Antibiotic Resistance – State of India’s Health

    Body Burden: Antibiotic Resistance – State of India’s Health

    This is the third edition in our Body Burden - State of India's Health series. The first two were on Lifestyle Diseases and Communicable Diseases. It is a resistance that can undo historical gains made in modern medicine to control diseases. Microbes have become resistant to antibiotics, and Big Pharma has stopped funding research to find new antibiotics. The magic bullet – that antibiotics were commonly called – have stopped performing miracles. It is estimated that by 2050, 10 million people will die due to antibiotic resistance, most of them from developing countries. India is the top consumer of antibiotics in the world. It is also known for indiscriminate use which leads to resistance. Other than being used to treat diseases in human beings, antibiotics are also used as growth promoters in animals and in crops. Due to rampant use, it is present everywhere in our environment – water, hospitals, houses and even in the food that we eat. Body Burden: Antibiotic Resistance unravels a public health crisis in India that is going to soon become a nightmare.

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