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New Releases

New Releases

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  1. State of Renewable Energy in India 2019 State of Renewable Energy in India 2019

    State of Renewable Energy in India 2019

    In the five years since the publication of the first Citizen’s Report on the State of Renewable Energy, the renewable energy sector has made tremendous strides in the country. Riding on a favourable policy environment and dipping prices, capacity and generation have grown. But this success has thrown newer challenges. The second Citizen’s Report on the State of Renewable Energy takes a close look at where we stand now, what are the strengths and challenges facing the sector, and whether the sector can overcome these obstacles and emerge as a viable alternative to conventional energy sources. It offers an analysis which covers the key sub-sectors and the associated infrastructure — solar (large-scale, rooftop and manufacturing), wind, waste to energy, integration and transmission, energy access and distribution companies. And it offers a blueprint which could help the sector reach its 175-gigawatt goal seamlessly. The world stands at the cusp of a momentous shift in the energy sector. For the first time, decarbonised electricity appears feasible in the foreseeable future; it is not an abstract vision. The question that the second Citizen’s Report asks is: Can India grab this opportunity and chart a brave new world of 100 per cent renewable quickly and efficiently? Get your copy to know more.


    This is the latest edition in our popular SOE Annual Issue series. India’s most credible annual survey of environment, backed by more than 30 years of research and reportage, equips you with incisive news and views, all in one place. (Pages 308)

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  3. Frames of change - Heartening tales that define new India Frames of change - Heartening tales that define new India

    Frames of change - Heartening tales that define new India

    The challenge before India is immense. We need to maximise the productivity of our environment in a sustainable manner. This calls for extremely disciplined systems of resource use and management. This type of management will never emerge unless we improve our policy and decision-making systems. The book retrieves some classic case studies so that they can be replicated in the national and global context. These initiatives can inspire out-of-the-box thinking among those who wish to start entrepreneurial ventures with a social purpose. While some have already become templates for wider changes, others can inspire governments to do more. These are the Frames of Change that define a new India.
  4. Septage Management Septage Management

    Septage Management

    This guide explains all stages of the sanitation chain for urban centres dependent on onsite sanitation systems (OSS) by discussing the current scenario in India for each stage – right from containment, emptying, transportation, treatment and end-use or disposal – and to demonstrate how septage management can be applied in cities . The guidelines conform with 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To sum it up, this guide will assist practitioners manage septage as resource, by integrating it into city sanitation planning.
  5. Water Efficiency and Conservation

    This guide attempts to mainstream water efficiency and conservation (WEC) from policy to practice. It provides guidance with regard to practicing WEC for effective planning of water-secure cities. It will assist practitioners in the water sector to plan and implement projects at the city scale and smaller scales. It describes the process of WEC planning with a comprehensive list of tools and techniques to initiate and implement plans, programmes and practice.
  6. Green Infrastructure

    Provides introduction and guidance to strategies related to sustainable water management within the existing urban fabric of a city or region. Demonstrates green infrastructure as one of the solutions to overcome the emerging water management issues - of water supply and quality regulation and moderation of extreme flood events.
  7. Water Sensitive Urban Design & Planning

    Assists Practitioners involved in sectors related to water management as well as urban designing and planning. It guides to explore possible innovations spanning areas of alternative approach of water management and shows how it can be applied at various scales keeping the existing challenges and opportunities into consideration.
  8. Urban Water Sustainability

    This Template is a roadmap for sustainable urban water management. It aims to help civic bodies to recognize their strengths and areas of improvement, enabling greater efficiency and constructive results. It helps cities know where they stand in terms of sustainable practices, and how they need to proceed with their water resources.
  9. State of India’s Environment In Figures 2018 (eBook) State of India’s Environment In Figures 2018 (eBook)

    State of India’s Environment In Figures 2018 (eBook)

    “What gets measured, gets managed”
    It has been country’s most authoritative annual data sets on state of environment and development. Backed by over 26 years of data-driven and research-based journalism and curated by veteran data journalists, this annual publication makes a statement on state of environment through meaningful infographics. It covers:
    • India’s ranking in world development index
    • Forest
    • Wildlife
    • Land
    • Agriculture
    • Water
    • Environmental pollution
    • River
    • Sanitation
    • Climate change
    • Development programmes
    • Legislatures and performance on programmes
    • Waste
    • Air pollution
    • Transport
    Why you need to possess this annual data-book
    • India’s only data-driven state of environment annual report coming from CSE-DTE backed by over 30 years of reportage and research experience.
    • The e-book crunch enormous amount of data into simple but communicative data sets
    • The e-book has over 50 such data sets; most of them feature maps to navigate data effectively
    • The e-book gives you access to hundreds of other related resources for further reference; each data set has related extra resources
    • The e-book gives you access to data sets from earlier State of India’s Environment In Figures to make sense of trends in particular aspect/sector

    In case of any doubt, pl email to : raja@cseindia.org

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    CEMS and CEQMS Implementation in India: An Inspection Manual CEMS and CEQMS are efficient tools for compliance enforcement of continuous monitoring as well as reporting stack emissions and effluent quality from industries. They can help industries optimize operations for better performance and pollution control and ensure long life of equipments. Proper implementation of CEMS and CEQMS is essential both for environmental regulators and industries. Selection of suitable technologies and their correct installation as well as operation and maintenance are crucial for implementation. This inspection manual, the first and only one of its kind in India, is a guiding handbook for environmental regulators and industry officials to carry out inspection of CEMS and CEMS implementation in industries. Vendors and service providers can also use it as a knowledge-building tool to reap the benefits of continuous monitoring and reporting systems in India. CEMS: Continuous Emission Monitoring System A Technical Guidance Manual This is India’s first and only comprehensive technical guidance manual on CEMS. It empowers stakeholders with the knowledge of the best practices adopted around the world. The book offers detailed information on available technology option, their limitations and suitability for various industries. The manual also refers to various regulations and technical documents from Europe and the US which are widely used to illustrate best practices across the world. It is an effort to support the CEMS initiative of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change and the CPCB. It is thus a supplementary to the CPCB guidelines on CEMS. It will help in skill and knowledge development of stakeholders and successful implementation of CEMS in India.

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