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Managing Water

Managing Water

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  1. Toolkit for Sustainable Water Management (5 new books Set, in a Box) Toolkit for Sustainable Water Management (5 new books Set, in a Box)

    Toolkit for Sustainable Water Management (5 new books Set, in a Box)

    1. Urban Water Sustainability 2. Water Sensitive Urban Design & Planning 3. Green Infrastructure 4. Water Efficiency & Conservation 5. Septage Management

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  2. Septage Management Septage Management

    Septage Management

    This guide explains all stages of the sanitation chain for urban centres dependent on onsite sanitation systems (OSS) by discussing the current scenario in India for each stage – right from containment, emptying, transportation, treatment and end-use or disposal – and to demonstrate how septage management can be applied in cities . The guidelines conform with 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To sum it up, this guide will assist practitioners manage septage as resource, by integrating it into city sanitation planning.
  3. Water Efficiency and Conservation

    This guide attempts to mainstream water efficiency and conservation (WEC) from policy to practice. It provides guidance with regard to practicing WEC for effective planning of water-secure cities. It will assist practitioners in the water sector to plan and implement projects at the city scale and smaller scales. It describes the process of WEC planning with a comprehensive list of tools and techniques to initiate and implement plans, programmes and practice.
  4. Green Infrastructure

    Provides introduction and guidance to strategies related to sustainable water management within the existing urban fabric of a city or region. Demonstrates green infrastructure as one of the solutions to overcome the emerging water management issues - of water supply and quality regulation and moderation of extreme flood events.
  5. Water Sensitive Urban Design & Planning

    Assists Practitioners involved in sectors related to water management as well as urban designing and planning. It guides to explore possible innovations spanning areas of alternative approach of water management and shows how it can be applied at various scales keeping the existing challenges and opportunities into consideration.
  6. Urban Water Sustainability

    This Template is a roadmap for sustainable urban water management. It aims to help civic bodies to recognize their strengths and areas of improvement, enabling greater efficiency and constructive results. It helps cities know where they stand in terms of sustainable practices, and how they need to proceed with their water resources.
  7. Clean Up Your Act: The State of Sanitation in India

    Of the 1 billion people globally who have no toilet, India accounts for nearly 600 million. Fifty per cent of India’s population defecates in the open. Well-designed communication and awareness campaigns connecting sanitation to health and women’s dignity and outcome-based monitoring are vital. Community-centric programmes under strong leadership can usher in a clean India.

  8. Reinvent, Recycle, Reuse - Toolkit on Decentralised Wastewater Management

    In today’s world sewage treatment is a challenge for all practitioners. The call of the hour is to reuse and recycle the used water. We have thoroughly researched and collected a large number of case studies to update our understanding, and address the issue efficiently. Authors : Suresh Kumar Rohilla, Deblina Dwivedi Pages : 98 ISBN: 978-81-86906-67-5 Publication : Centre for Science and Environment Format: Paper Back E-Book Availability: No Language: English
  9. Excreta Matters - A Students’ Special Edition

    We open a tap for water. We push the flush handle to get rid of our excreta. But do we ever stop to ask, where does the water come from? Where does the flushed waste go? These are the questions we raise and find answers to in our report, Excreta Matters: A students’ special edition. Author: Sunita Narain Editor: Sumita Dasgupta Pages : 56 ISBN: 978-81-86906-66-8 Publication : Centre for Science and Environment Format: Paper Back E-Book Availability: No Language: English
  10. Excreta Matters - SOE 7 (2-vol. Set) - E-Book

    This is India's first and most comprehensive survey presented in an attractive 2-volume set on the state of its water and its management. It is the 7th Report in our highly popular SOE Series. It would be of immense value to professionals and decision makers in the Central and State Governments besides academicians, researchers, NGOs and all major Libraries. In these two volumes you will get to know the water-waste profiles of 71 Indian cities. Within their pages lie the model for a sustainable and affordable growth. Volume 2 contains a very detailed survey of 71 cities, and presents an assimilation of the survey's results (496 pages).
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