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  1. State of India’s Environment 2020 State of India’s Environment 2020

    State of India’s Environment 2020

    The State of India's Environment 2020 is the country's most credible annual statement on the state of affairs in environment and development sectors. Published by the Centre for Science and Environment along with Down To Earth, it covers forests, wildlife, agriculture, rural development, water and sanitation and climate change related aspects. This is the 7th edition in Down To Earth magazine’s highly popular annual series. Professionals, Academics, Consultants and decision makers as well as students, especially those preparing for competitive exams like the Civil Services, look forward to this yearly update and SOE 2020 would be another collector’s edition.

    Regular Price: Rs.500.00

    Special Price Rs.300.00

  2. Body Burden: Antibiotic Resistance – State of India’s Health Body Burden: Antibiotic Resistance – State of India’s Health

    Body Burden: Antibiotic Resistance – State of India’s Health

    This is the third edition in our Body Burden - State of India's Health series. The first two were on Lifestyle Diseases and Communicable Diseases. It is a resistance that can undo historical gains made in modern medicine to control diseases. Microbes have become resistant to antibiotics, and Big Pharma has stopped funding research to find new antibiotics. The magic bullet – that antibiotics were commonly called – have stopped performing miracles. It is estimated that by 2050, 10 million people will die due to antibiotic resistance, most of them from developing countries. India is the top consumer of antibiotics in the world. It is also known for indiscriminate use which leads to resistance. Other than being used to treat diseases in human beings, antibiotics are also used as growth promoters in animals and in crops. Due to rampant use, it is present everywhere in our environment – water, hospitals, houses and even in the food that we eat. Body Burden: Antibiotic Resistance unravels a public health crisis in India that is going to soon become a nightmare.

    Regular Price: Rs.425.00

    Special Price Rs.350.00

  3. Paryavaran ki Raajneeti -- The Politics of Environment (Hindi) Paryavaran ki Raajneeti -- The Politics of Environment (Hindi)

    Paryavaran ki Raajneeti -- The Politics of Environment (Hindi)

    Our latest Hindi publication is a crisp compilation of some of the select editorials of Ms Sunita Narain that were published by some of the leading Hindi dailies of the country. The book covers a wide spectrum of environmental issues such as: Air Pollution and Public Transport, Village Republic, Industry and Mining, Wildlife and Forests, Water and Climate Change. Author - Sunita Narain (CSE) Pages: 156 ISBN: 978-81-86906-54-5
  4. Not in My Backyard (Book & DVD combo offer) Not in My Backyard (Book & DVD combo offer)

    Not in My Backyard (Book & DVD combo offer)

    The book was released by the Union Minister of Urban Development, Mr Venkaiah Naidu. While conferring CSE’s Clean City Awards on three of the cleanest cities in India, he called them “the pilgrimages of the future”. He also stressed that “this book should be read by everybody from Municipal Commissioner/Chairman onwards to all Engineers and others down the line, who actually implement solid waste management in the various Municipalities and Towns across India”. The book is an attempt to highlight the present status of solid waste management in the country and what should be the way ahead. The film covers the top 3 cleanest cities in India, with interviews and site visits. You can order either the book or the film or both at a special price, till the end of this month. ISBN: 978-81-86906-90-3

    Regular Price: Rs.1,740.00

    Special Price Rs.1,500.00

  5. NOT IN MY BACKYARD – Solid Waste Mgmt in Indian Cities

    The book highlights solutions to this growing problem and shares case studies from cities that have been able to resolve the issue of solid waste management It is ideal for practitioners, regulators, consultants, NGOs and students. ISBN: 978-81-86906-90-3
  6. Body Burden - Health and Environment in India

    A degraded environment brings with it a set of health problems - some new and some, which have posed a challenge over the years. Presenting Body Burden, a compilation of reports from Down to Earth on the health impacts of environment pollution in India.
  7. Global Environmental Negotiations 1: Green Politics

    Green Politics , the first in a series of publications on global environmental negotiations (GEN) provides a close analysis of important environment-related conventions and institutions from their origins, and demystifies the global politics behind 'saving the environment'. The book presents a first-ever comprehensive Southern perspective of the impact of global environmental governance on the real lives of real people.
  8. Anil Agarwal Reader Series

    The Anil Agarwal Reader series puts together the weekly essays/opinion pieces that eminent environmentalist and journalist Anil Agarwal wrote between 1991 and 2001. The essays are a riveting commentary on the environment-development problem. Witty and reflective, the pieces embody one man's committed engagement with his times. (3 volumes) The readers delve into issues like the structural adjustment programme, natural resource management and ecological globalisation, and have a common theme: the poor are the country's real resource managers.
  9. Anil Agarwal Reader (Vol-2)

    Volume 2 consists of essays written between 1995 and 1998. The Anil Agarwal Reader collects in three volumes some of his writings on the environment. They range from the 1990s to the early years of this decade. The volumes showcase the intensity and acuity with which he engaged with the dominant concerns of the times. They are an essential introduction to environmental questions, moving seamlessly between local, national and international perspectives.
  10. Anil Agarwal Reader (Vol-1)

    Volume 1 is a collection of essays written by Agarwal between 1991 and 1994 for a column called 'Green politics' in the daily Economic Times.
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