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  1. DROUGHT BUT WHY? How India can fight the scourge by abandoning drought relief

    During 2014-2017 India was shaken by severe spells of drought that hit over 500 million people across geographical regions. Unlike in the past, these droughts did not spare the urban areas; metropolitan cities like Chennai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru declared water emergency and several towns resorted to water rationing.

    “Drought But Why?” examines how an occupational hazard has turned into a human-made disaster of unmanageable proportion since organised agriculture began some 10,000 years ago. The book also delves into the experiences of several villages in chronic drought-prone areas of the country that remain unaffected by the scourge.

    These experiences show that India is a victim of its own policy that revolves around drought relief instead of working towards relief from drought in the long run. These villages offer the new commandments for drought management.

  2. State of India's Environment 2017 In Figures (eBook) State of India's Environment 2017 In Figures (eBook)

    State of India's Environment 2017 In Figures (eBook)

    State of India's Environment 2017 In Figures is India's first and only e-book that not only communicates environmental issues through facts and figures, but arms readers with insights and perspectives to help you form an informed opinion on issues that matter.
  3. State of india’s urban water bodies

    The book shows the problem of urban floods with real examples and how almost all the urban centres in the country are at the risk of floods today.

  4. Why I Should be Tolerant

    Through the cacophonony of current public discourse comes Sunita Narain's refreshingly well-argued collection of essays on critical environment and development issues
  5. Clean Up Your Act: The State of Sanitation in India

    Of the 1 billion people globally who have no toilet, India accounts for nearly 600 million. Fifty per cent of India’s population defecates in the open. Well-designed communication and awareness campaigns connecting sanitation to health and women’s dignity and outcome-based monitoring are vital. Community-centric programmes under strong leadership can usher in a clean India.

  6. An 8-million-year-old mysterious date with monsoon

    Weather scientists, writers, historians and academicians explore India's most intimate yet least understood climate phenomenon
  7. The State Of India's Environment 2016 : In Figures

    At a time when views are getting sold as news in high-decibel TV talk shows and newspaper edits, "State of India's Environment 2016: In Figures" showcases all the important facts and headline numbers that will help you form an informed opinion on issues that matter in India

  8. 2016 Annual State of India’s Environment Report (SOE) 2016 Annual State of India’s Environment Report (SOE)

    2016 Annual State of India’s Environment Report (SOE)

    The latest issue of the State of India’s Environment 2016 is bigger and better. Articles summing up the latest developments from forests and wildlife, agriculture and land use, climate change, the state of India’s rivers and Sustainable Development Goals have been based on more than 30 years of research and intensive reportage. To engage the readers’ interest, each article has relevant photos, related resources, graphs and charts, thus making understanding of what is happening in the world around us easy. The new book also has a 30-page section on development data. Grab your copy now.

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