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Industry and Environment

Industry and Environment

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  1. CEMS: Continuous Emission Monitoring System A Technical Guidance Manual CEMS: Continuous Emission Monitoring System A Technical Guidance Manual

    CEMS: Continuous Emission Monitoring System A Technical Guidance Manual

    This is India’s first and only comprehensive technical guidance manual on CEMS. It empowers stakeholders with the knowledge of the best practices adopted around the world. The book offers detailed information on available technology option, their limitations and suitability for various industries. The manual also refers to various regulations and technical documents from Europe and the US which are widely used to illustrate best practices across the world. It is an effort to support the CEMS initiative of the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change and the CPCB. It is thus a supplementary to the CPCB guidelines on CEMS. It will help in skill and knowledge development of stakeholders and successful implementation of CEMS in India.
  2. Not in My Backyard (Book & DVD combo offer) Not in My Backyard (Book & DVD combo offer)

    Not in My Backyard (Book & DVD combo offer)

    The book was released by the Union Minister of Urban Development, Mr Venkaiah Naidu. While conferring CSE’s Clean City Awards on three of the cleanest cities in India, he called them “the pilgrimages of the future”. He also stressed that “this book should be read by everybody from Municipal Commissioner/Chairman onwards to all Engineers and others down the line, who actually implement solid waste management in the various Municipalities and Towns across India”. The book is an attempt to highlight the present status of solid waste management in the country and what should be the way ahead. The film covers the top 3 cleanest cities in India, with interviews and site visits. You can order either the book or the film or both at a special price, till the end of this month.

    Regular Price: Rs.1,240.00

    Special Price Rs.900.00

  3. Building sense : Beyond the green facade of sustainable habitat Building sense : Beyond the green facade of sustainable habitat

    Building sense : Beyond the green facade of sustainable habitat

    India is in a frenzy of construction. Buildings, townships and housing complexes are coming up at break-neck speed – and we’re still not there yet: a staggering two thirds of the buildings that will stand in India in 2030 are yet to be built! How we choose to design these buildings and live can have a profound impact on our resource use and environment. We have begun setting the ‘green’ terms for construction and operation of buildings in India, but it remains a relatively new area of governance. India needs appropriate regulations to benchmark energy and water use, minimise waste, and develop monitoring and compliance strategies. Also needed is a deeper public understanding of what works and what does not. If not done right, even green norms can lead to damaging trade-offs and unintended consequences… Get a copy of the book right here, right now.

    Regular Price: Rs.950.00

    Special Price Rs.700.00

  4. Heat on Power Heat on Power

    Heat on Power

    Green rating of coal-based power plants Coal plays a critical role in our energy mix, providing over 70 per cent of India’s electricity supply. It is likely to remain a mainstay for several more years, given India’s immense power needs and domestic availability of coal. But coal is also the dirtiest of all fossil fuels. It burns to produce emissions that are a leading anthropogenic source of global warming, acid rain, smog and toxic air and water. We need to use coal efficiently to reduce its environmental costs. CSE’s Green Rating Project analysis of India’s coal-based power sector paints a sobering picture but also offers recommendations for improving the environmental and social performance of this important sector.

    Regular Price: Rs.850.00

    Special Price Rs.600.00

  5. Bhopal Gas Tragedy After 30 Years Bhopal Gas Tragedy After 30 Years

    Bhopal Gas Tragedy After 30 Years

    On the intervening night of December 2-3, 1984, methyl isocyanate gas leaking from Union Carbide’s factory in Bhopal claimed more than 5,000 lives. More than half a million people still suffer the side effects of the exposure to the gas; the soil and groundwater have been contaminated and toxicity has crossed over to the second and third generations. This book describes the criminal negligence, incompetent governance and the apathy towards victims that have made Bhopal a continuing disaster. It gives voice to people’s anguish and is also a testimony to the Centre for Science and Environment’s and Down To Earth’s long engagement with Bhopal. This book argues that India cannot afford to let Bhopal fade from public memory and concludes with a blueprint to avoid a similar tragedy.

    Regular Price: Rs.400.00

    Special Price Rs.250.00

  6. State of Renewable Energy in India: A Citizen’s Report

    This report looks at the current status of renewable energy in the country, as well as the issues that plague the sector. It also puts together the policy interventions in solar, wind, small hydro, biomass and waste-to-energy sectors.
  7. Going Remote

    India suffers from chronic energy poverty. Even after 65 years of independence, one-third of India's households have no access to grid power. More than a million households go dark after sunset. But India’s energy poverty also provides an opportunity to design a new energy future for the world. It could be the way to solves its twin problems of energy poverty and climate change, in one stroke. But what is the ground reality? Check it out yourself by ordering a copy – sure to give you some very useful ideas to implement at your own level.
  8. Facing the Sun

    Grid-connected solar power is a new and rapidly growing sector in India – from almost nil grid- connected solar power in 2009, the country will have 2.5 gigawatts (GW) by 2014, if all goes as per plan. It has already installed about 1.0 GW and the Union government plans to install 20 GW by 2022. But there is hardly any independent research on how grid-connected projects are being implemented. It was precisely for this reason that we at CSE decided to do a thorough research to understand what is working, and what is not, in grid-connected solar power. We are sure you will enjoy reading this analytical report, and understand in depth this sunrise sector.
  9. Into The Furnace Into The Furnace

    Into The Furnace

    This latest book is on the environment status of the Indian Steel Sector. Based on CSE's recent environmental rating done of major iron and steel plants of India, we have rated 21 top Indian steel companies in this book, from the Private as well as the Public Sector.

    Regular Price: Rs.7,500.00

    Special Price Rs.750.00

  10. Mileage: Environmental Rating of Indian Automobile Sector

    In-depth Life Cycle Analysis of the environmental performance of major players in the Indian automobile sector. Also analyses technological issues, comparative analysis of best practices with global players and recommends future outlook.
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