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  1. Oceans and Climate Change

    This film marks the release of a report “Turning up the Heat: How Global Warming Threatens Life in the Sea” produced by WWF and the Marine Conservation Biology Institute. This scientific study highlights impacts from the poles to the tropics — affecting a range of species from phytoplankton to polar bears, sea birds and coral reefs. Duration: 19 Minutes Formats available : DVD
  2. Films on Climate Change (Special Package Price)

    Films on Climate Change (Special Package Price)
  3. Climate Change, Sanitation and Environment (Special Package Price)

    Package of all 16 films at 20% discount !! You pay only Rs 12,160/- for the DVD format.


    CSE has pleasure presenting 11 topical Earth Report Films that analyse a wide array of issues closely related to global warming and its impact on every aspect of life. These DVDs cover issues like CO2, carbon-neutral biogas, dry toilets, the impending threat to fish stocks, pollution, energy and a lot more. They explain in simple terms how all these happenings affect nature and the animal population, besides you and me. Formats available : DVD Package price Rs 10,450 Package discount 20% (Rs 2,090) You pay Rs 8,560

    Regular Price: Rs.10,450.00

    Special Price Rs.8,560.00

  5. Films on Water, Climate, Tsunami, Sustainable Energy, and Environment (Special Package Price)

    Package of all 20 DVDs at 20% discount !! You pay only Rs 15,400/- for the DVDs
  6. FIRST FOOD: Culture of Taste FIRST FOOD: Culture of Taste

    FIRST FOOD: Culture of Taste

    This brings you a unique collection of nearly 50 recipes from various states that use local produce such as leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds and roots to cook tasty recipes that are also nutritious.

    Regular Price: Rs.950.00

    Special Price Rs.800.00

  7. Climate Change: Politics and Facts

    This is a new book from Centre for Science and Environment that attempts to demystify the subject through a set of comprehensive and concise factsheets. Packed with illustrations, factoids, graphs, charts and tables, the book is as much a one-stop storehouse of information on climate change, as it is an aid towards understanding and appreciating the danger that stares us in the face.
  8. Rising to the Call: Good Practices of Climate Change Adaptation in India 

    Adaptation is necessary to manage the risks posed by climate change. Rising to the Call is a collection of stories from all over India about the nature of extreme weather events experienced, how communities are responding and successful adaptation practices emerging out of these experiences. It studies the impacts and replicability of the different approaches to adaptation and brings out valuable insights for developing countries in the region and beyond. Five regions are considered: The Indian Himalayan region, the Indo-Gangetic plain, the desert region, central and peninsular India, and coasts and islands. Case studies highlight crop diversification, payment for eco-system services, flood-proof housing, restoration of watersheds, protection of mangroves, groundwater management, weather forecasting and advisory services, flood-resistant rice, and more. This book is a first-of-its kind that looks at adaptation with an ear to the ground. It looks into why some actions worked, the challenges and enabling conditions.
    Pages : 172
  9. Grain by Grain: Green rating of the fertilizer sector Grain by Grain: Green rating of the fertilizer sector

    Grain by Grain: Green rating of the fertilizer sector

    The book benchmarks the fertiliser industry on the whole, as well as individual plants. It highlights the best practices in the hope that they will be emulated, and underlining poor practices so that they would be discarded. It examines every plant in great detail. The industry will have to play a key role in helping the world deal with two big environmental challenges: nitrogen pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. How will this be achieved? What direction should the policy environment take? How should the industry go about it? The rating raises and answers these questions as well. India has a thriving fertilizer manufacturing industry, with government, cooperative and private players owning more than 30 units spread across the length and breadth of the country. Urea is the most important fertilizer, constituting 80 per cent of India's total fertilizer consumption. Fertilizer manufacturing industry is the biggest consumer of natural gas in India. The country's domestic supply is able to meet only half of it. The rest is imported.But the fertilizer industry is trudging ahead carrying a bundle of contradictions. Urea is cheap because it is heavily subsidized. The subsidy burden on the Government has been growing exponentially over the years. Every aspect, from production to transportation and distribution, is under close government purview. This arrangement benefits neither the government nor the industry that is left with little financial autonomy and wherewithal and even lesser incentive to improve its environmental performance. Within this larger paradigm, individual players are employing various strategies to deal with the situation but are struggling to improve their environmental performance.
  10. CSE’s New Climate Change Package for Schools –  Posters+Books+ Film CSE’s New Climate Change Package for Schools –  Posters+Books+ Film

    CSE’s New Climate Change Package for Schools – Posters+Books+ Film

    CSE’s new Climate Change package exclusively for Schools and Colleges makes it easier for the Teachers to guide their students in understanding more about this crucial subject, and make them more environmentally responsible.
    This Climate Change Package is currently offered at just Rs.1,000/- only, and consists of:
    1. 13 colourful Posters on Climate Change (22”x17” - 170 gsm thick Art Paper) – Rs.400
    2. 3 Books
      • Climate Change Now - Rs.270
      • How Much do we know about Climate Change (A Quiz book) - Rs.160
      • Climate Change Reader for Universities (suitable for Class XII students) - Rs.290
    3. Climate Change Film – Our new 4-part DVD on Climate Change - Rs.400
    This limited edition Climate Change package is a collectors’ item and would be a great addition to your library. As you are aware, climate change is dictating the fate of our planet. Record temperatures, melting ice and glaciers, sea level rise, increasing frequency of extreme weather events like cyclones, floods and droughts have become the new normal.
    Our youngsters need to know everything about climate change in an easy to understand way. They have to be informed and involved, for their own good. This package does exactly that.
    You have to pay only Rs.1,000 (instead of the actual price of Rs.1,520) and save Rs.520 during this festival offer period and the whole set would be couriered to you at no extra cost. You can otherwis email your order along with a cheque for Rs.1,000, drawn on "Centre for Science and Environment", to receive your package by courier.

    Regular Price: Rs.1,520.00

    Special Price Rs.1,000.00

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